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Why Isn’t Being Ugly The Reason For Your Solitude?

Do you feel introverted and left out even when you wish to be sporty? Are all your friends enjoying gang events, or are they in relationships leaving you alone? Well, these situations make us feel guilty about ourselves, and we generally regret the way we are. Man or woman, when encountered with such tumult, we face ourselves in front of the mirror, and the first thought that strikes up is that we are ugly. But is that true? Is your face the reason you aren’t enjoying up to your expectations? Check out these tips, which might guide you on why you need a change of perception!

Take help from resources

You might have heard everyone say that every beauty is unique in its way, but surely felt that mocking when told to you. Even though the saying goes right, you can assure yourself if your face is the real cause for your regret. Sources like am I ugly quiz on can help you decide if your thought process to reflect yourself is right or wrong. The quiz is best featured with:

  • Simple questions: 

The test consists of 20 questions to answer on the spot. They are designed on different aspects and features describing our choices, appearance and experiences in society. 

  • No personal data:

The quiz is entirely free, and you don’t even have to register or provide contact details to get the results. As soon as you finish, your analysis is displayed then and there. 

  • Quick analysis:

 Such quizzes are psychometric tests that analyse your thoughts and perceptions. As the software doesn’t take your name, age or gender, the result is purely unbiased and original. 

What else can be amiss? quizzes motivate you to look through your reflection optimistically. Face and colour are not the reasons why you might be the odd one out. Confused? If you cannot get the source of your isolation, check out the following points if you belong to any category. 

  • An introvert:

You might dream of conversing, talking and shouting but, in reality, hate it around people. Perhaps you prefer to stay home or don’t like the general frolic around you. Try getting into short conversations, express yourself freely and listen to others patiently. It would explore your character more, and you might get new friends soon.

  • Likeness to different trends: 

It is common that you might not like the same trend your peers are following. Maybe you are more casual and old-fashioned. Rather than trying out fancy things. You don’t have to change your ways but try to make use of your style the more. Choose the best designs, accessories and colours that make you feel happy, and you will see yourself shining among your gang!

  • Aim on different aspects:

 If you are in any academic or professional phase of your life, most of your thoughts and time get inclined towards work rather than play. Don’t regret this phase of hard work, for when you will succeed; your tribe will come your way. Meanwhile, try connecting with like-minded people in the same niche to avoid trifling anxiety. 

You could be one or the other from these categories or have any other reason of your own. Don’t blame your natural look for getting isolated, but instead, try fixing your thoughts to shine out uniquely!

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