How To Treat Androgen Deficiency With Testosterone Therapy? 

Androgen deficiency occurs when sex hormone levels decline in the male body. It may surprise you, but you need testosterone for excellent health. Defects in the brain areas that control testes function or problems in the testes cause this.

Androgens play a crucial role in male reproduction and sexual function. Men get their non-primary “male characteristics” from the androgens. Voice change, body hair growth and facial hair growth are some of these characteristics. 

Did you know that androgens affect your metabolism, muscle, and bone development as well? They also result in a broad range of symptoms. Everything, from depression to body hair loss and fatigue, is a result of this deficiency. 

Thus, in this article, we will talk about testosterone therapy. And, you will understand how it treats the lack of androgens, testosterone in particular.

Diagnosing androgen deficiency before testosterone therapy

Using the following assessments, you can get your androgen deficiency diagnosed. 

The levels of testosterone peak during early adulthood and adolescence. As we start to age, our testosterone levels decline gradually. There can be medical problems affecting your testes or an adenoma affecting your pituitary gland. To find out, you must first get diagnosed, and these are some of the ways in which you can.

Blood tests

To determine the testosterone levels in the blood, you will have to get a blood test done. Ideally, you will have to stay on an empty stomach before blood is drawn. That is because it is in the morning that the testosterone’s peak release can be detected in the body. In addition to measuring serum te levels on two separate mornings, your serum T levels will also be measured. 

Physical examination

The doctor will perform a thorough examination. They will measure your testicle size and also check your breast size. After examination, they will check if you are suffering from severe acne, troublesome urine, and male pattern baldness.

Medical history

The doctor will take your full history, including specific details. These details will include medication, occupation, androgen deficiency symptoms, drug use, sexual function, and fertility. 

Additional tests 

The doctor may prescribe other tests to determine whether any underlying medical issue is causing your T deficiency. They may draw your blood to check for genetic tests, iron levels, and brain MRI scans. Semen analysis may also be done to figure out whether there is androgen deficiency coupled with potential fertility. 

Testosterone Therapy to treat androgen deficiency 

After proper blood work has confirmed that you have T deficiency, go for testosterone therapy. This therapy is also known as androgen replacement therapy and treats male hypogonadism. 

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Biomarkers must be in a healthy range

When you go for your initial appointment, your doctor will ask you to explain your symptoms. They will make you understand all that T therapy does. The T’s quantitative values will be assessed. During and before the therapy, doctors will check for RBC count, prostate-specific antigen, and blood lipids. They will also check if all your significant biomarkers lie in a healthy range.

Restoring testosterone’s original physiological levels

Your doctor will analyze your medical history to identify agents that are causing low T levels. They will check for dopamine antagonists, opioids, steroids, and statins. They will also check if you take any illicit substances, anabolic steroids, marijuana, or alcohol. 

The mainstay of testosterone therapy is treating the persisting deficiency of androgen by restoring testosterone’s original physiological levels. It is done by using exogenous testosterone. 

Needle injection

You will be considered for T therapy if the blood work signifies that you have suboptimal T levels. You will be administered testosterone injections by puncturing your skin. Once it glides into the muscle, the plunger will dispense testosterone into the skin. Your muscles may twitch for a while, but there will be no painful sensation. 

Short-term benefits

You will not see results right after your first session. That is because T therapy does not promise an overnight solution. When you go for it, you have to keep in mind that you are making a long-term investment. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of T therapy patients noticed positive changes within the first month of starting it. Read on to know.

  • Many patients admitted they had a heightened sense of vitality
  • More restorative cycles of sleep
  • Improvement in concentration and energy levels
  • Restoring erectile quality 
  • Increase in sex drive/libido

Long-term benefits 

  • Improvement in joint and bone health
  • More confidence
  • Ability to recuperate from exercises
  • Growth of facial hair
  • Support for composition of a healthy body
  • Excellent production of RBCs (red blood cells)

This therapy is an individualistic form of treatment. Thus, do not compare someone else’s T regimen to yours. It will take a bit of trial and error, but the benefits will become apparent after some months. 


If you have chosen to start testosterone therapy, you may be expecting to get your “manhood” back. Depending on the testosterone form used, many of you may notice a reduction in the symptoms of low T within a month. For some of you, it may take longer to show improvements in well-being and health. But, it will definitely help you in regaining your edge. So, do not wait any longer – get back your energy levels and restore that youthful vigour of yours. Live your best life. And, if there’s anything we missed out in this blog, please let us know in the comments below. 

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